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GTCAP overview

Shanghai Green Tech (GTCAP) is a supercapacitor battery manufacturer and energy storage solutions provider based in China. Founded in 1998, we are dedicated in researching and developing new energy storage technology, breaking through energy storage technology, changing future energy landscape, and providing superior energy storage solutions to the world.

Coporation culture
●  Core Value: staying customer-centric and inspiring dedication;

●  Corporate Vision: Better energy,Better world!

●  Corporate Spirit: practucality,creativity,perfecting;

●  Our Working Philosophy: efficient,responsible,disciplined,professional.
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We provide long lifespan & high reliability battery energy storage system solutions.
We manufacture super capacitor batteries and provide whole energy storage solutions for your devices. Every GTCAP product is quality guaranteed and we carry out strictly quality manage system ISO9001-2015 and GJB9001B-2009(MIL). All people in GTCAP believe technology is the foundation, management is the driving force, keep the environment clean and be a lovely person.
Factory Founded
The first military capacitor production line founded
Bought The Factory
Green Tech team bought the military factory from government 
Set up Super Capacitor Factory
GTCAP super capacitor successfully developed and cycle life up to 1 million times. 
Launched Graphene Super Capacitor
Grapahene supercapacitor launched and production capacity up to 1GWH per year.
Fast-charging buses and wind turbine pitch control system  
Supercapacitor products were successfully applied to fast-charging buses and wind turbine pitch control system  
Enerbond supercapacitor battery energy density reached 120Wh/kg
Enerbond supercapacitor battery energy density reached 120Wh/kg,which can completely replace the traditional batteries. 

More stringent quality control 100% testing

More certificates obtained to meet international different standards demand. 

New products launched

New products launched, more intelligent and more convenient for installation.

Import digital management
The production line has been upgraded comprehensively, import digital management.
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Honors & certificates
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