GTCAP graphene supercapacitor battery technology
What is graphene supercapacitor battery?
Graphene supercapacitor battery is a capacitor base enegy storage device with large power and high energy density.It is the safest technology and longest life products in energy storage products industry.
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Combining batteries and supercapacitor structures to create supercapacitor battery

Supercapacitor batteries are used when pairing supercapacitor and battery technology in a device. In this type of energy storage, one of the carbon-based electrodes in a supercapacitor is replaced with a lithium-doped carbon electrode similar to LIB. This increases the operating voltage to 3.7 V (where standard EDLCs are rated to 2.7 V maximum) as well as the capacitance by nearly 15 times. 

High Transfer Efficiency Between Ion Diaphragms
Graphene Supercapacitor Battery Charing and Discharging Diagram
Graphene is adopted as the negative electrode to improve ion transfer efficiency
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How to get higher energy density was always a pain point for supercapacitors(EDLCs). We used mixed Lion-ion electrolyte technology to increase the energy density of graphene supercapacitors up to 150Wh/kg, which provides better energy storage solutions to replace traditional batteries.
GTCAP graphene supercapacitor battery has the advantages like ultra low ESR and large current which helped to realize fast charging and discharging. Fully charged in 10 minutes is perfect for vehicles and machines to increase charging efficiency, such as electric taxis, electric motorcycles, golf carts, forklifts, tourist cars, ferry boats, etc. And the big discharging power performance can support.
All GTCAP products are quality guaranteed, we carry out strictly the quality management system ISO9001-2015 and GJB9001B-2009 (MIL) during production. Make sure every product matching to customers’ demands.
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