Manufacturer of graphene supercapacitor batteries






We provide a safe and reliable energy storage system for AGV as a power supply solution.

With the rapid development of computer and information technology, AGV smart cars have been widely used in industrial fields such as transportation and warehousing. Especially with the rapid development of modern logistics industry, transportation and warehousing costs have become a problem that logistics companies can’t ignore in cost accounting. To realize the automatic release of different products, a smart device which can realize automatic operation is needed. To complete these unmanned tasks and realize the catalog of efficient management and automatic control, AGV system technologies and products have become important equipment and technologies for flexible production lines, flexible assembly lines, and warehousing logistics automation systems.


Another difficulty in the structural design of AGV is the design of its power source device. The power of the power source directly affects the function of the AGV and the volume of the power sources will directly affect the volume and appearance of the vehicles. The storage batteries are selected as AGV power source. Lead-acid batteries, nickel-zinc batteries, nickel-hydride batteries, lithium-ion batteries are available. In addition to power, ampere hours, power-to-weight ratio, volume, etc., the most critical factors are the length of charging time and ease of maintenance. Fast charging is high-current charging and professional charging equipment, so it must have a charging limit device and a safety protection device.


Green Tech supercapacitor battery is a new type of energy storage device. It has the characteristics of short charging time, wide operating temperature range, long service life, energy saving and environmental protection. It is a new type of power energy storage element that has emerged with breakthroughs in material science in the past ten years. Green Tech supercapacitor battery is not only large in capacity but also light in weight. More importantly, it can be charged quickly to any potential within its rated voltage range and can be completely discharged. It has great advantages as a power supply for AGV.


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