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Our Demand For Car Batteries Is Changing

Wherever your journey may take you, Greentech supercapacitor batteries  provide all the power to take you there. Whether you are driving your very first car, you own a vehicle with start-stop functionality, or you drive a highly equipped vehicle with high energy demands, Greentech supercapacitor batteries  offer the power you need.


Today, you’ll find our products in millions of cars, powerboats, motorcycles and motorhomes. Our engineers put expertise and precision into each and every Greentech battery.

Greentech supercapacitor batteries can help you reach your destination comfortably, safely and efficiently.



With the globally increased number of cars, the problems of air pollution caused by gas emissions and energy crisis caused by gradually dried oil have become more and more serious. In order to solve these problems in recently years, countries from all over the world have invested a lot of man power and material resources to research and develop new energy. To seek for renewable energy has become an urgent task for human beings.


Green Tech supercapacitor battery is conducive to alleviate energy shortage, improve urban environmental pollution and people`s living conditions, as well as reduce the depletion of non-renewable energy. It can improve energy efficiency and use high and new technology to protect resources and ecosystem.

Greentech supercapacitor battery is a kind of high energy density secondary battery with the features of no pollution, good safety, small size, light weight, ultra long life, low self-discharge rate and no memory effect, etc. It is the ideal environmentally friendly green energy.


Greentech supercapacitor battery has the characteristic that the capacity and shape can be designed and freely changed according to requirements, so it can meet social demands for different kinds of battery. At the same time, our company has acquired rich experience in continuous industrialized production and has established a set of production guarantee system, below are the features on the aspect of production technology: 


(1) The advanced and complete analyzing and testing methods can instantly control and guide the product quality in the technical development and production process;


(2) Rich experience in manufacturing supercapacitor battery.


(3) High efficient and well-developed material purchasing system.


(4) Strict and standard quality assurance system.


(5) The self-designed flexible battery production line can can simultaneously complete the production of multiple battery specifications, which can realize low-cost and rapid expansion.



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