Bulk Power Storage Systems Factory Price Best Brand 1
Bulk Power Storage Systems Factory Price Best Brand 2
Bulk Power Storage Systems Factory Price Best Brand 1
Bulk Power Storage Systems Factory Price Best Brand 2

Bulk Power Storage Systems Factory Price Best Brand

5.7 kg
SM Series
Nominal Voltage:
Max. Continuous Discharge Current:
Energy storage:
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Product details of the power storage systems

Product Description

power storage systems has a high quality appearance thanks to the adoption of qualified materials. It turns out to be effective that our QC team has been always focusing on its quality. has good communication and marketing ability.

Product Parameters
General Characteristics
Mechanical Specifications

Part Number


Nominal capacitance

500 F

Capacitance tolerance

+20% / -0%

Rated voltage


Maximum absolute voltage


Maximum series voltage




Maximum continuous current (ΔT=40℃)

100 A

Maximum peak current, 1 sec.

2,275 A

Maximum leakage current (after 72hrs @ 25℃)

5.2 mA

Operating temperature range(Cell case temperature)

-40℃ to +65℃

Storage temperature range(Storage uncharged)

-40℃ to +70℃

Power terminals


Recommended torque - terminal

20/30 Nm

Vibration specification

GB-T 11287-2000

Shock specification

GBT 14537-1993

Environmental protection



5.7 kg

Internal temperature sensor

NTC Thermistor

Cell voltage monitoring

Overvoltage Alarm

Usable power density (Pd)

3,590 W/kg

Certificate&Compatible Protocol

Compatible Protocol: CAN, RS485

1 (10)
1 (10)
2 (9)
2 (9)
3 (7)
3 (7)
4 (7)
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5 (8)
5 (8)
6 (11)
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7 (6)
7 (6)


Company Advantage

• In addition to the sales to major cities in the country directly, our company's products are also exported to Southeast Asia, South America and some countries and regions.
• Over the past years, has accumulated rich production experience and has become a long-term supplier of large companies in the domestic market.
• Our company is located in a beautiful environment with pleasant climate and convenient transportation. It makes a great natural advantage in the production, export and sales of products.
• 39;s high-quality talent team is an important human resource for For one thing, they have the professional know-how and they are familiar with the principle, operation, and process of the equipment. For another thing, they have rich experience in practical maintenance operations.
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