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Green Tech supercapacitor battery change lives

Less maintenance and long life bring more benefit to the end user.

With the continuous development of the science and industry technology, the global energy crisis is gradually becoming severe, and the shortage of traditional fuel and the environmental pollution are also becoming increasingly serious.



The solar energy is a kind of abundant renewable energy. In the recent years, all the countries have attached more importance to the new energy, which makes the solar installed capacity keep increasing and photovoltaic power generation develop rapidly. Due to the power supply characteristics of photovoltaic power generation system and the load demand there are differences in the time, which leads to system running stability and quality of power supply cannot be compared with conventional power generation system. Therefore it is necessary to rely on solar energy storage link to control and adjust the power quality, in order to realize the high quality and efficient utilization of solar energy.


Energy storage systems are available in a variety of ways, including lithium batteries, lead-acid batteries, flywheel energy storage systems, and supercapacitor battery energy storage systems. Compared with other storage methods, Green tech super capacitor battery not only has the advantages of wide working temperature range, flexible and convenient system design, long service life to 50000 times, fast charging, short-term power supply, high storage efficiency, improving the stability and safety of photovoltaic power generation systems, and no environmental pollution, but also in terms of power density and charge& discharge rate also has the strong advantage, satisfying customers' various needs and ensuring to achieve energy efficiency, economic benefit and environment benefit maximization.


Offering economy of scale whilst maintaining reliability and durability, the Eco Series allows you confidence that your energy will keep powering on.


Green tech supercapacitor batteries have become one of the preferred equipment for micro grid energy storage because of their irreplaceable advantages.



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