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Less mainenance and long life bring more benifit to end user. 

Reliability that looks at home, offering you superior performance, for all your commercial, industrial, defence, humanitarian, automotive and residential applications.


Currently, in various uninterruptible power supply systems or backup power supply systems, storage batteries are chosen as the backup power supply for the power supply system such as lead-acid batteries,Nickel-zinc batteries,Nickel-hydrogen batteries and Lithium-ion batteries.However, storage batteries have many disadvantages: slow charging and discharging speed, inability to charge and discharge with large current, complicated maintenance work and narrow operating temperature range. After a period of time in the power supply system, the storage batteries will have a significant decrease in capacity and the performance of the output power supply. Therefore, the safety and reliability of power supply for energy storage systems have become increasingly prominent. The characteristics of the Green Tech super capacitor batteries are between traditional capacitors and batteries. They have fast charge and discharge speed, long cycle life, high power density, excellent low temperature performance, high charge and discharge cycle efficiency, wide operating voltage range application range, high quality and efficience, maintenance free and environment friendly. Compared with traditional energy storage devices, Green Tech super capacitor batteries have no chemical reactions in energy storage and are clean energy storage devices.



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