Suggestions on grid side energy storage development


Actively explore the competitive two-part pricing mechanism model and shared energy storage business model. For the grid side energy storage with significant social benefits, such as ensuring the safety and stability of the power grid, providing emergency power supply guarantee, improving the system's absorption capacity of new energy, resource tight areas in the station corridor and weak areas of the power grid, it is suggested to actively explore the competitive two-part electricity price mechanism, reduce the capacity and electricity charge through bidding mode, and optimize the allocation of resources. At the same time, it actively integrates energy storage resources of power supply, power grid and user side, adopts shared energy storage mode, and strives for multiple benefits.

Explore and develop carbon assets and urge the introduction of carbon market support policies. In addition to making full use of the carbon emission reduction support tools and preferential policies issued by the central bank and the Ministry of Finance, we should actively urge the release of carbon market support policies. On the one hand, we should make full use of the energy storage loss reduction benefits to produce carbon emission reduction benefits; On the other hand, based on energy storage + comprehensive energy, energy storage (pooled) + new energy, energy storage + electric energy replacement, etc., explore and develop carbon assets. Through the national certified voluntary emission reduction (CCER) market, or urge the release of carbon market trading support policies, part of the energy storage investment can be recovered.

Suggestions on grid side energy storage development 1

Optimization of investment and financing way, urged related investment and financing support policies. By applying the carbon emission reduction policy tools launched by the central bank and the Ministry of Finance, the government investment platform should be encouraged to set up green industry investment funds or green bonds together with social capital from various parties, expand financing channels and strive for tax incentives, green finance loans and other policies, so as to obtain more social capital or preferential policies and reduce financing costs.

We will promote the improvement of calculation methods for indirect benefits of energy storage and support the calculation of energy storage value. At present, various business models are difficult to reflect the regulatory resource value of energy storage. Although there are currently group standards for evaluating the economic benefits of electric energy storage, the calculation methods of some indirect benefit parameters, such as alternative value and reliability value, are still to be refined. It is necessary to continuously accumulate data through practical projects, measure the social benefits of energy storage scientifically and reasonably, and support the calculation of energy storage value.

We will improve the market mechanism for ancillary services. We will promote the market for power auxiliary services to better reflect the market value of flexible regulatory resources such as energy storage, establish and improve the market for auxiliary services such as frequency modulation and backup, and promote the integration of charge and storage in the source network and the complementary and coordinated operation of multiple energy sources. Explore the introduction of climbing auxiliary service mechanism, gradually expand the scope of participants in the climbing market, gradually introduce independent energy storage to participate in the climbing market transactions, and establish a reasonable cost sharing mechanism.

Strengthen the access of functional alternative energy storage facilities on the grid side and relevant review of application scenarios. Current policies have defined the application scenarios of grid-side energy storage in key grid nodes, resource-constrained areas in station site corridors, weak grid areas, and important power users, laying a foundation for the relevance identification of energy storage as an alternative to transmission and distribution facilities. Therefore, in the above application scenarios, when the life-cycle economy of power grid functional alternative energy storage facilities has competitive advantages in the feasibility study, it is necessary to strengthen the examination of the access conditions and application scenarios of power grid functional alternative energy storage facilities, and promote the introduction of identification standards for power grid functional alternative energy storage facilities.

Suggestions on grid side energy storage development 2

Strengthen the comparison and demonstration of the whole life cycle economy of alternative plans, promote the improvement of various standards for new energy storage, and support the cost rationality assessment. At present, the industry is organizing the establishment of quotas, budgeting and calculation standards for electric energy storage projects. The introduction of these standards will provide pricing basis for electric energy storage projects and lay a foundation for the supervision of new energy storage investment costs. In addition, the "14th Five-Year Plan for National Fire Control Work" and "14th Five-Year Plan for National Emergency System" both require to strengthen the source management of fire control design of construction projects around the fire safety risks of new materials and new forms of business, such as new energy storage facilities, so that the investment proportion of fire safety system will potentially increase. Therefore, in addition to strengthening the comparison and demonstration of the life-cycle economy of alternative solutions, various standards such as fire safety of new energy storage should be promoted to become the basis for the rationalization of energy storage investment costs.



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