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Can Shanghai Green Tech provide graphene ultracapacitor installation video?
Of course. If you prefer the graphene ultracapacitor installation steps explained in the form of a video, Shanghai Green Tech Co.,Ltd. would love to shoot an HD video to give installation guidance. In the video, our engineers will firstly introduce every part of the product and tell the formal name, which enables you to have a better understanding of every step. The explanation on the product disassembly and installation procedures are necessarily involved in the video. By watching our video, you can know the installation steps in an easier way.
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Due to continuous innovation, Shanghai Green Tech has become an advanced company in the field of graphene capacitor. As one of Shanghai Green Tech's multiple product series, super capacitor module series enjoy a relatively high recognition in the market. GTCAP graphene capacitor has an appearance design that follows the market trend. Quality, functionality and high standard are always the prime keywords in its production.

We constantly seek to improve energy and resource consumption during production by consistently reviewing our processes and implementing individual site initiatives such as eco-efficient lighting, insulation, and heating systems.

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