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How about the minimum order value for ODM products?
According to your needs, Shanghai Green Tech Co.,Ltd. can design and produce the products you want. If you need more information, please leave your message and we will contact you. ODM is the perfect solution for a company to achieve the manufacturing process of a completely customized product. We introduce professional and skilled design and production staff to help the process of ODM. Besides that, from the primary discussion to a finished ODMed graphene capacitor, we aim to make each product finest at an affordable price.
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Shanghai Green Tech develops, designs, and produces graphene supercapacitor for sale. We have gained a firm foothold in the domestic market with years of solid development. The graphene battery series has become a hot product of Shanghai Green Tech. The raw materials of GTCAP graphene supercapacitor for sale are treated with several procedures. Materials enrichment, refining, and smelt process will be conducted to make the materials into a product with high purity. Practice has shown that the products developed by Shanghai Green Tech have played a significant role in graphene battery field.

Our drive for greater resource efficiency focuses on two key areas; sourcing of renewables and the management of the waste we generate and water we use in our operations.

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