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How many supercapacitor battery are produced by Shanghai Green Tech per month?
In general, the monthly output of supercapacitor battery in Shanghai Green Tech Co.,Ltd. is stable. It only fluctuates based on different seasons (peak or off-season). Yet we have to mention that our production is flexible. We can increase our production capacity to meet an actual increase in demand, or an anticipated one. For example, when we receive a larger order with a time limit, we can use existing equipment for a longer period of time by adding shifts to achieve an immediate increase in capacity.
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Shanghai Green Tech has earned a good reputation for the manufacture of graphene supercapacitor for sale in China. We have been regarded as a reliable manufacturer. Various in styles, Shanghai Green Tech's super capacitor module can meet the needs of different customers. Paying close attention to the design of super capacitor module is good for the GTCAP advertising. Excellent service attitude and hard work is the solemn promise of Shanghai Green Tech.

Graphene capacitor is a bridge for GTCAP to international market. Please contact us!

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