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Is there any third party doing graphene supercapacitor quality test?
Yes. In addition to the internal quality control team we set up, we also invite a third party performing quality tests on graphene supercapacitor. Nowadays, with the advance of testing devices, defective products are more likely to be detected. Due to the limitation of the plant size and budgets, Shanghai Green Tech Co.,Ltd. tries to seek a third-party testing company to do quality tests with its advanced machines. Of course, it is based on the quality control methods being fully executed by us, which customers can rest assured.
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Shanghai Green Tech is a professional manufacturer and provider of supercapacitor. We pride ourselves in rich experience and strong expertise in this field. Various in styles, Shanghai Green Tech's super capacitor module can meet the needs of different customers. Different topping workmanships are adopted in GTCAP graphene supercapacitor extraction and refinery. Physical extraction, pyrolytic process, thermal reduction or electrolytic process is available based on different ingredients to be extracted. In terms of quality inspection, Shanghai Green Tech is equipped with advanced equipment.

We have seen our responsibility for sustainable development. We have shifted to renewable energy and renewable raw materials and strived to minimize the potentially adverse environmental effects of our products, services, and transports.

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