Lost profits by energy companies

In recent years, the repeated epidemic and abnormal climate have caused serious interference with the global energy supply. Combined with the superimposed impact of the Russia-Ukraine conflict and the Nord Stream pipeline explosion, the supply system of Europe, which was already in an energy crisis, has been further broken down. The price of natural gas has soared, and the electricity price in Germany has also remained high, soaring to a record level. The power rationing event of major enterprises has become more and more serious, and even directly affects the energy consumption of residents.


             Battery Manufacturing Capacity by Country in 2022

In the Chinese market, under the comprehensive influence of various factors, the total amount of electricity consumption in the whole society climbed, according to official data, in July this year 832.4 billion kilowatt-hours of electricity consumption in the whole society, a record high in the same period, including industrial electricity consumption of 513.2 billion KWH, down 0.10% year on year, while urban and rural residents' domestic electricity consumption of 148 billion KWH, up 26.80% year on year.

In terms of regional differences, Sichuan, Hubei, Chongqing, Jiangsu and other parts of China are the most serious.

Against this backdrop, what else can be done but cut the power?

Energy storage, as its name suggests, is the storage of power generated by a plant during off-peak periods and the release of it during peak periods. The grid is balanced in real-time by charging and discharging, similar to a large "power bank".

This plan was put forward as early as in the bidding of the photovoltaic power station project in Shandong in 2020: the energy storage configuration scale should be considered as 20% of the installed capacity of the project, and the storage time should be 2 hours!

Faced with this forced allocation, many people came out against it. The reason for the objection is mainly considering the cost. For example, Liu Hanyuan, chairman of Tongwei Group, put forward the reason during the two sessions in 2021. Even if the relatively cheap lithium battery scheme is adopted, the storage cost still reaches about 0.44 yuan/KWH, and the electricity price of photovoltaic power generation is almost 0.38 yuan/KWH, which is equal to the cost of coal power.

Lost profits by energy companies 2

Considering the depreciation and maintenance costs of energy storage equipment, especially photovoltaic power generation and wind power generation, it is very vulnerable to the influence of day and night, temperature difference, seasons and so on. When conditions are good, it is not enough. When conditions are good, it is not enough to use up and save, which directly leads to wind + energy storage, photovoltaic power generation + energy storage.

If so, really abandoned!

By the end of 2021, the value of the country's abandoned to wind and light power online reached 10 billion yuan, which is like throwing bundles of money into a fire.


It took the global energy crisis to really pull it back to the center of the track.

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