Energy storage, imperative

After the leapfrog development in recent years, wind power, photovoltaic power generation in engineering design, construction, equipment manufacturing and other fields are located in the front of the world, there is no problem that troubles its own development, but in recent years the industry has been faced with the serious restriction of insufficient peak load capacity of the power system.

For example, the whole country has realized global logistics. We can buy things anywhere in Beijing or Nanjing, but electricity is not available, and the barriers between provinces are very serious. Even if Yunnan's hydropower is only 0.13 yuan/KWH, it can't be sold anywhere else.

To solve this problem, energy storage technology seems to be the only solution.

Energy storage, imperative 1

Energy storage is an important component and key supporting technology of smart grid, energy system with high proportion of renewable energy and energy Internet. Its industrial chain is divided into upper, middle and downstream links.

Upstream includes battery management system, energy management system, battery core, energy storage converter and energy storage components. Related listed companies include Sunshine Power Supply, Zhongtian Technology, BYD, Jinlang Technology; The midstream includes mechanical energy storage technology, electrochemical energy storage technology, thermal energy storage technology and energy storage battery. Related listed companies include Huayang Stock, Ningde Times, Yiwei Lithium Energy, Nandu Power, Capital Hang High-tech, etc. The downstream mainly includes the application side of power generation side, power grid side and user side. The related listed companies include Huaneng International, Goldwind Technology, Tebea Electrician, etc. From the data disclosed in the semi-annual report, many companies achieved high growth in the semi-annual report, and the net profit of Deye Share and Shengyang Share doubled.

According to different application fields, it can be divided into pre-sheet energy storage and post-sheet energy storage. Pre-sheet energy storage can be divided into power side energy storage and power grid side energy storage, which belongs to the investment project of electric power engineering. The energy storage behind the table includes industrial and commercial energy storage and household energy storage, among which the household energy storage is mainly used in the home scene, showing certain characteristics of electrification, that is, household storage.

A household energy storage device can simply be thought of as an oversized power bank, with several batteries connected to a controller at one end and an inverter connected to the power grid at the other. Such devices can be charged during periods of low electricity prices and used during periods of high prices or power outages, thus reducing peak loads and filling valleys.

With the construction of the global new power system, energy storage construction will enter the climax. It is estimated that by 2025, the installed capacity of the global energy storage market will reach 661.3GWh, and the newly added installed capacity market will reach 1,006.23 billion yuan. China, the United States, and Europe will be the main force of the installed capacity of energy storage in the world.

Both energy storage industry chain and application field are deeply influenced by the energy storage system.

Energy storage, imperative 2

The system is composed of a battery, electrical components, mechanical support, thermal management system, two-way energy storage converter, energy management system and battery management system. Battery life is very important for the energy storage system and the key technology to determine the battery life is the innovation of energy storage materials.

At present, lithium-ion batteries are mainly used. The energy density, cycle performance, multiplier property, and other electrical properties of lithium-ion batteries mainly depend on the electrode materials of batteries. In the material cost composition of lithium batteries, electrode materials account for about 45% ~ 61%, while the electrode material cost of supercapacitors accounts for more than 70% of the whole material cost. Therefore, the market value of Ningde Times, which has lithium batteries, has been close to 2 trillion yuan. In fact, silicon-based materials have such outstanding energy storage potential that the lithium storage capacity of silicon-anode batteries can be more than twice that of current graphite-anode lithium batteries, equivalent to nearly two times the energy density of batteries.

However, graphene is of better quality. Its excellent mechanical and physical properties make it the most ideal energy storage material. Its base electrode material is a key technological route to improve the theoretical capacity of lithium-ion batteries and solve the low energy density of supercapacitors. At the same time, the electron mobility of graphene is much higher than that of silicon-based materials, and the performance of graphene is at least 10 times that of silicon-based chips, while the power consumption is greatly reduced.

At the recent China International Graphene Innovation Conference, a number of domestic companies and institutions discussed the use of graphene technology to replace existing silicon-based chips and created a graphene copper innovation consortium to tackle this technology, once successful mass production, energy storage industry may usher in a big leap forward.

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