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Golf Cart Graphene Supercapacitor Battery

Golf Cart Graphene Supercapacitor Battery


Now we provide quality Graphene Supercapacitor Battery packs to replace the lead-acid batteries for golf cart

Why choose the Graphene Supercapacitor Battery for the golf cart?

The market for golf carts is growing as more and more people take benefit of their versatility. For a long time, deep-cycle flooded lead-acid batteries have proven to be the most cost-effective method of powering electric golf carts. Due to the increasing use of Graphene Supercapacitor Battery for many high-power applications currently looking into the benefits of Graphene Supercapacitor batteries for their golf carts.


High energy: low internal resistance and high efficiency

Ultra safe: multiple protection, thermal and chemical stability

Long cycle life: up to 20,000 times 

Light weight: up to 50% saving in space and 70% in weight than lead-acid battery

Quick: support fast charge

Maintenance-free: no daily maintenance work and cost

Extreme temp. performance: discharge rate up to 85% at -20℃


Battery unit: Graphene Supercapacitor Battery safe and ECO friendly
Battery rack: it can meet different requirements flexibly
Operation area: easy to operate, the indicator light of the switch  can tell if the battery is in good condition or not
Battery pack: reasonable separation to keep the consistency
Holder design: easy to carry and install
Information area: basic information on the weight and production time

** According to customer requirements to provide voltage, capacity, size and other parameters of customized services.

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