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Advantages and disadvantages of graphene batteries

by:GREEN TECH     2021-03-12
Graphene existed 10 years ago. It was not discovered recently. Because of its extremely low resistance and ultra-fast electron migration, the charging rate will be very high. It is the material of choice for future batteries, but it is still under research. Only a few laboratory products have not reached the stage of mass production, and the specific stage of mass production and practicality will take about 5-10 years. In view of the possible outstanding properties of graphene, news about graphene applications in recent years has always attracted attention. The most popular of these is the graphene battery. But is difficult to get the recognition of people in the industry. Liu Guanwei believes that graphene can be used as a conductive agent to promote fast charging and discharging of lithium batteries and theoretically improve the rate performance. However, if the dispersion process is not in place and the mixing is uneven, everything is a castle in the sky: 'The cost of graphene is too high. The incompatibility of process characteristics in lithium batteries makes the technology of graphene battery' close to non-existence, and its gimmick significance is far greater than its practical value.' Advantages: 1: Low cost, 77% lower than lithium battery cost 2. The energy density is high, and the battery life can reach 1000km, which can completely ignore the gasoline car 3: High stability, long battery life Disadvantages: The above is all propaganda by the media and experts. Who knows whether it is true or not! You can find out when the road test comes out in 2015. Lithium compounds (lithium iron phosphate, lithium cobalt oxide, etc.) are the positive electrodes of large-capacity batteries, and the two are not mutually exclusive. No matter how large the capacity of the battery is, the charging capacity is also limited in a limited time and limited current. Even if the cruising range can really reach more than 1,000 kilometers and full of so much electricity in a short time, its reliability and safety have become the most important content. If graphene batteries are really cheap, high-density, and long-life, then it is really a revolutionary technology.
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