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Graphene supercapacitors come out

by:GREEN TECH     2022-09-14

Recently, a research team from Nanyang Technological University in Singapore developed a graphene supercapacitor specially designed for wearable electronic products. Due to its folding and bending properties, this graphene supercapacitor can be used not only for pressure sensors and chemical sensors but also for various small smart wearable devices and any flexible smart products. The product was announced at the 252nd American Chemical Society Symposium. At present, the supercapacitors developed in the market have high hardness and a certain thickness and are not suitable for some flexible smart wearable devices. The research team used graphene, which has thinness, strength, flexibility, and conductivity as raw material, to produce a miniature supercapacitor with good elasticity and ductility, which is more flexible and less perishable than the original rigid battery.

Graphene supercapacitors will have higher efficacy and life cycle than standard capacitors and batteries. The research team said that, as a test product in the initial stage, the energy storage of supercapacitor products is relatively limited. During the test period, the operation time of the supercapacitor in the LCD device is one minute. The next stage of research will focus on how to increase the electrode surface area to improve performance. Battery storage. Overseas analysts predict that in the next few years, the compound annual growth rate of the global smart wearable device and service market will reach 22.65%, and the market demand for flexible graphene supercapacitors, which is one of the future standard equipment, will have greater potential.

In recent years, the global application of graphene has been expanding, and breakthroughs have been made in the application of composite materials, flexible touch screens, supercapacitors and chips, and graphene will enter the stage of large-scale industrialization. As one of the graphene giants, my country's supercapacitor market is also growing rapidly. In July this year, my country launched the world's first graphene-based lithium-ion battery product, opening up the market space for the intersection of graphene and lithium batteries. The 'cooperation' between graphene and supercapacitors also verifies the application prospects of graphene in energy storage. Low temperature lithium iron phosphate battery 3.2V 20A -20℃ charging, -40℃ 3C discharge capacity ≥70% Charging temperature: -20~45℃

-Discharge temperature: -40~+55℃

-40℃ support maximum discharge rate: 3C

-40℃ 3C discharge capacity retention rate ≥70% Click for details In addition, as a strategic new material developed by my country, the graphene industry has received support from local governments, and joint industrial zones have been established one after another. In September this year, Sichuan will set up the Graphene Application Technology Research Institute, focusing on the research and development of large-capacity supercapacitors. Coincidentally, the China International Graphene Resources Industry Alliance is expected to be officially established in September this year. In the country to accelerate the research and development of various graphene products and acceleration the pace of industrialization, the agency predicts that by 2020, the graphene market will reach a scale of 100 billion, and there is huge room for future development.

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