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What are the characteristics of supercapacitor batteries?

by:GREEN TECH     2022-09-19

Super capacitor battery features:

1. The charging speed is fast, and it can reach more than 95% of its rated capacity as long as it is charged for tens of seconds to a few minutes, and the lead-acid battery with the largest area now usually takes several hours to charge.

2. Long cycle life, deep charge, and discharge cycles can be used up to 500,000 times. If the supercapacitor is charged and discharged 20 times a day, it can be used continuously for 68 years.

3. Super high current discharge capacity, high energy conversion efficiency, small process loss, high current energy cycle efficiency;90%;

4. High power density, up to 300W/kg~5000W/kg, which is equivalent to dozens of times that of ordinary batteries; the specific energy is greatly improved, lead-acid batteries can generally only reach 200W/kg, and the current research and development of supercapacitor batteries has reached 10KW/kg,

5. The raw material composition, production, use, storage and dismantling process of the product are free of pollution, which is an ideal green power source;

6. The charging and discharging circuit is simple, no charging circuit like a rechargeable battery is needed, the safety factor is high, and the long-term use is maintenance-free;

7. Good ultra-low temperature characteristics, the ambient temperature range is as wide as -40℃~+70℃;

8. The detection is convenient, and the remaining power can be directly read out;

9. The monomer capacity range is usually 0.1F--3400F.

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