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Are supercapacitors expensive? What factors affect the price?

by:GREEN TECH     2021-04-21

In recent years, the State Grid Corporation of China has begun to focus on adjusting electricity bills. As a core component, power capacitors seem to be demanded by more people in the real world. What factors will affect the price of supercapacitors?

1. Production materials

The price of supercapacitors is directly related to the production materials. At present, materials are the main foundation of all power capacitors, and the metalized film is also the core of the entire capacitor. Under normal circumstances, polypropylene materials are basically much better than polyethylene materials. The entire silver-zinc-aluminum film is better than the original aluminum-zinc film. Therefore, the service life of the capacitor of such a product is relatively longer. Long, the price is also relatively high.

2, processing technology

The price of supercapacitors and processing technology are directly related to capacitors. Because of internal reasons, there is a strong current passing through, and the purity is relatively high, so the quality of the capacitor will be relatively high. Under vacuum conditions, all capacitors and electrical appliances are filled with related media. Under the same environment, the production cost of the product is relatively high.

3. Production technology

The price of supercapacitors is directly related to the production technology. At present, the new generation of production technology and the new generation of production technology will account for at least 30% of the proportion under the same manufacturing cost. Limited to the influence of supply and demand, the price may be higher.                                

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