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Deep cycle battery- How is it different?

Deep cycle battery- How is it different?


Energy storage batteries have been evolving for a long time. These advancements are usually based on the requirements raised by some applications. For example, Commercial And Marine Applications require a continuous and consistent power supply for a long duration without any interruptions. Here comes the significance of deep cycle batteries, Graphene Supercapacitor Battery.

The “deep cycle” in deep cycle batteries is an industry term that speaks about its major characteristic, which is deep discharge. In comparison to other batteries, which are not advised to discharge beyond a specific range of capacity, deep cycle batteries have the ability to discharge to most of their capacity.

Deep discharge means that a battery has been almost completely drained of its charge.

The process of discharging and charging is called a cycle. For example,  if we discharge the battery up to its half capacity and then recharge it, it is one cycle. But the more/deeper we discharge the battery and then recharge it, the deeper the cycle is.

This process is what happens in a deep cycle battery and hence it gets its name. The battery discharges slowly until it is discharged completely and is then again recharged and used.

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