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Graphene supercapacitor technology achieves a major breakthrough

by:GREEN TECH     2022-09-10

According to the British 'International Business Times on October 25th, a South Korean scientist discovered a new super capacitor that can effectively solve the current bottleneck of the battery life of electric vehicles. The new technology developed by Dr. Lu of the Gwangju Institute of Science and Technology in South Korea will inevitably cause a lot of waves in the electric vehicle industry. Strictly speaking, this new technology uses a supercapacitor rather than a battery, yet the common function of both is to store electricity. In theory, graphene supercapacitors can store more power than lithium batteries. Dr. Lu successfully made a sufficient amount of graphene into a supercapacitor, which can store the same amount of power as a lithium battery and reduce the charging time to less than 4 minutes.

Graphene has also been used in the field of automotive battery research. Graphene, a Spanish company that produces graphene on an industrial scale, has cooperated with the University of Corvado in Spain to develop the first graphene polymer battery, and its power storage is the best product on the market. An electric vehicle powered by this battery can travel up to 1,000 kilometers while charging in less than 8 minutes. Graphene polymer batteries will cost 77 percent less than lithium-ion batteries and weigh only half the weight of conventional batteries. Whether it is graphene capacitors or graphene batteries, it seems that graphene will become a rising star in automotive batteries.

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