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How to choose the right electronic capacitor? What are the selection criteria?

by:GREEN TECH     2021-04-20

There are many electronic capacitors on the market, but most people simply don't know how to choose a suitable electronic capacitor. After all, choosing the right product can effectively increase the capacity of accessories and equipment, and can also quickly increase the utilization rate of equipment in a short time.

1, look for regular manufacturers

When purchasing electronic capacitors, it is best to look for regular manufacturers. When everyone buys this kind of product, it is best to go directly to the manufacturer or an agent authorized by the manufacturer to make the purchase, so as to prevent the purchase of some counterfeit and inferior products.

2 Pay attention to the integrity of product appearance

Users must pay attention when purchasing electronic capacitors. It is best to look at the appearance of the product to see if the product is complete and whether the surface is damaged. You need to look at the manufacturer’s nameplate or manufacturer’s address, as well as the manufacturer’s qualification certificate and instructions, etc., to see if these products are complete. If the mailing address is not particularly detailed, it is recommended that users do not purchase it to avoid a series of accidents.

3. Pay attention to the various data on the sign

When selecting electronic capacitors, it is recommended that you look at the various data on the existing signs. There may be rated power, capacity, and current on the product. When everyone buys these products, they must check these data to see if these data are consistent with the product. It is best to use a megohmmeter to measure it yourself so that you can see if it meets the national standards.                                

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