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The role of capacitors makes it popular in various fields

by:GREEN TECH     2021-05-01

Some people are not familiar with capacitor capacitance and do not know what it does. Since I don't know much about the functions of this product, I might as well understand more, maybe one day I can use it.

1. Good filtering effect

Capacitors can be used in the filter circuit, which can remove some fixed frequency band signals from the total signal. After removing some signals, it will not have an adverse effect on the overall signal.

2, the neutralization effect is good

Capacitors can be used in high-frequency and intermediate-frequency amplifiers of radios and televisions. This product can neutralize and eliminate self-excitation. When the discharge time is determined, the timing can also be advanced. There will be no missed time. After the timing is set, rest assured to do other things.

3. Integral and differential action

When the capacitor is used, it can play the role of integration and differentiation. This product can be used when the trigger circuit is in order to get a better signal. It does not have much influence on other signals, and directly touches the top signals.

4. High-frequency compensation

Capacitors are naturally used in the bass compensation circuit of the deck. This product can release a fixed frequency signal to compensate for high frequencies. In this way, the desired frequency and signal can be used without other problems.

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