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What are the differences in capacitor models?

by:GREEN TECH     2021-05-11

Capacitors are basically everywhere in our lives. The types of capacitors are all different? Let’s take a look at the different types of capacitors today? What should be paid attention to when using them.

1.Different types of capacitors

Capacitor models are all different, and the capacitor models on air conditioners or generators are definitely different. When purchasing a capacitor, you should pay attention to the problem of the type, determine the purpose of the capacitor, and then choose the appropriate type of capacitor.

2.The price of capacitors is very low

Regardless of the type of capacitor, capacitors are now very popular in the market, because the price of capacitors is relatively low, so it is more competitive in the market. I have known that most of the industrial materials used in electrolytic capacitors are very common, and the price is relatively low, so the price of the entire capacitor has also come down. For some companies with relatively large electricity consumption, the use of cost-effective capacitors can effectively save costs.

3.Precautions for the use of capacitors

When the capacitor is in use, it should be operated strictly in accordance with its instructions. Different capacitor models may have some differences in operating requirements. When using a capacitor, one thing needs special attention, that is, the positive and negative poles of the capacitor should not be reversed. If the reverse is connected, it will easily cause damage to the capacitor. When in use, you can find a technician to help with wiring to avoid unnecessary losses due to wrong operations.

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