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What are the electrolytic capacitor brands? How to choose?

by:GREEN TECH     2021-05-10

When choosing electrolytic capacitors, many people do not know what brand and type to choose. There are many electrolytic capacitor brands on the market, which are dazzling and impossible to start. Today, let’s take a look at what brand of the electrolytic capacitor is better to choose?

1. Choose the brand of reliable electrolytic capacitors

When companies choose electrolytic capacitors, they can do a survey in advance to find out which brand of the electrolytic capacitor is more reliable and better, and which brands are more popular among consumers. The quality of electrolytic capacitors is relatively good. It will be more secure.

2. The lower the equivalent resistance, the better the effect

The input capacitor frequently used by the public can be appropriately larger in the choice of electrolytic capacitor brand. The main function of the capacitor is the withstand voltage. When its capacity is relatively large, the equivalent resistance is not so high. As long as a large enough current input can be guaranteed, the requirements for equivalent resistance need to be appropriately increased. Generally speaking, the lower the equivalent resistance, the smaller the resistance, and the better the effect will naturally be.

3. Four-phase power supply is more stable

Generally speaking, the quality of a capacitor is determined by the capacitor. Good capacitors represent higher product quality. Many companies now use a four-phase power supply because it is more stable than the two-phase power supply. When choosing a capacitor, the quality of the electrolytic capacitor brand is to be considered, but the level of circuit design is also very important. If you want to choose a high-quality capacitor, you need to make multiple comparisons.

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