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What are the types of capacitors? What are they like?

by:GREEN TECH     2021-05-09

The life of the masses is inseparable from electricity. The use of electricity is also inseparable from capacitors. There are many types of capacitors in life. Let’s take a look at the different capacitor classifications today.

1.Various types of capacitors

There are many types of capacitors. There are many types of capacitors that can be classified from various aspects such as domestic electricity consumption and enterprise electricity consumption. Today's capacitors are all able to adapt to different environments. Whether it is for household or commercial use, there will be more suitable capacitors.

2.Electrolytic capacitor is a kind of capacitor

Electrolytic capacitors are included in the daily classification of capacitors. Electrolytic capacitors are also made of positive and negative electrodes and electrolytes, as well as some peculiar materials. The cathode of an electrolytic capacitor is generally composed of its electrolyte. When using an electrolytic capacitor, there is an extra point to pay attention to, that is, its positive and negative electrodes must not be connected incorrectly. Wrong connection may cause many problems such as container failure, circuit burnout, and so on.

3.There are four types of electrolytic capacitors

Currently, there are four types of electrolytic capacitors with a relatively large sales volume and a relatively high daily usage rate on the market. In the classification of capacitors, the first type is the lead type aluminum electrolytic capacitor, which is quite common in daily life. There is also a bullhorn aluminum electrolytic capacitor, which is used by many companies. Then there is the bolt-type aluminum electrolytic capacitor. The biggest advantage of this type of capacitor is its strong adaptability and easy installation. There is also a solid aluminum electrolytic capacitor. The capacitance of this kind of capacitor is relatively large, and the effect is relatively good.

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