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What are the types of capacitors?

by:GREEN TECH     2021-05-08

Capacitors play a very important role in the daily life of the general public. The classification of capacitors is actually very simple. In order to meet different needs, capacitors are also diverse. Today we will introduce some types of capacitors together.

1. Introduction of aluminum electrolytic capacitors

Capacitor classification is the first category of capacitors. Its biggest feature is its unidirectional conductivity. The polarity of this capacitor is relatively large. And this kind of capacitor has another characteristic, that is, its dielectric, which uses an ultra-thin oxide film, is still very conductive.

2. Introduction of film capacitors

This kind of capacitor generally has a relatively small capacity, but its energy consumption will also be relatively low. In the capacitance classification, the frequency characteristic of this kind of capacitor is relatively good. The structure is not perfect enough to be able to resist heat for a long time.

3. Introduction of ceramic capacitors

This kind of capacitor is generally made of through-core type, which is a special kind of capacitor in the capacitance classification. The best thing about it is that temperature can be compensated, which is still very practical. When using it, pay attention to tightening the installed screws to ensure the safe use of electricity.

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