GTCAP Various Product Series Introduction

GTCAP Graphene Supercapacitor Battery is versatile and suitable for many deep cycle applications. All of our Graphene Supercapacitor batteries perform better than conventional lead-acid batteries in RV, Marine, Solar Storage, Light Electric vehicles, etc applications. They all offer more usable energy in lightweight, safe, reliable, and maintenance-free. Our battery products include 24V, 48V, 388V, and 400V Graphene Supercapacitor batteries, we also have some special battery series designed for specific applications. 

In this blog, we will introduce the features of each product series. 


EG Series

EG Series is our top-rated Graphene Supercapacitor Battery
EG Series was designed to solve the problem of charging in low-temperature weather, while also assuring Graphene Supercapacitor Battery perform outstandingly for cold weather use. EG Series batteries can safely charge at low temperature -40℃~ 65℃, Ideal for rugged & harsh environments.


Large Power Grid Frequency Regulation System

Our Grid FM battery Series are larger batteries with more power in a single case, they allow for higher peak and higher continuous discharge currents. This is ideal if you need more energy but you do not want to increase the battery quantity in a series-parallel connection because of the physical size constraint. 


EM Series (Power battery)
Our EM Series (Power battery) are iron case packaged Graphene batteries specifically for light electric vehicles applications, like golf carts, low-speed electric cars, sightseeing cars, city sweepers, AGV rail cars, etc. These batteries can be flexibly customized in voltage, capacity, work current, size, connectors, and other accessories to perfectly fit with the specific vehicles.  
Battery internal utilize patented screw-fasten assembly technology and the highest quality components that make our Graphene batteries are different from others. The robust construction proves to be more durable and superior for use in even harsh environments, These batteries are highly recognized by customers in the application. 


Capwall Series
Our Capwall Series are wall-mounted batteries specifically designed to store energy generated by solar at day, so you can use the power at night or during outages. The Capwall Series is made up of the most stable Graphene chemistry, configuring intelligent battery management system (BMS) internal and dual-switch protection external, that are utmost safe for install and operate house.
Capwall series of Graphene Supercapacitor Battery also support up to 5pcs in parallel to increase available capacity for longer run time, they are compatible with most brands of smart solar inverters on the market, and ideal for home solar systems. 


GTCAP offers a wide range of batteries for any application, from small battery packs to complex battery systems. We also offer to customize supercapacitor battery service to perfectly fulfill the requirement of specific applications. Check out our full line of products or contact us to provide a battery solution for you. 

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