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How about the storage capacity of supercapacitors?

by:GREEN TECH     2021-04-08

The remarkable advantage of supercapacitors is that they can be cycled more than a thousand times before aging, while batteries can only be cycled hundreds of times. In many electronic products, the capacitor is an indispensable electronic component. The function of the Fara capacitor module in the circuit is to smooth filtering, decoupling, AC signal bypass, AC and DC coupling, etc. A capacitor is an electronic component composed of two conductors, with an insulator (dielectric) sandwiched between them.

Supercapacitors have a very large storage capacity, reaching the Farad level. Because of its advantages such as high power density, long cycle life, safety, and reliability, it has been widely used in industries such as hybrid electric vehicles and DC high-power output equipment.

From the perspective of composition, supercapacitors are mainly composed of auxiliary materials such as electrodes, electrolytes, diaphragms, and lead. Among them, the electrode, electrolyte, and diaphragm materials play a decisive role in the interference with the safety performance of Farad capacitors. Supercapacitors have a high charging rate and will not interfere with the electrode material structure during charging. Long-term storage will not reduce the capacitor voltage, so the cycle life is longer, which can reach more than 105 times.

In the power industry, supercapacitors are mainly used in wind and solar power generation. One is that the supercapacitor is used as a backup power source for the wind power generation system. When the power supply is stopped, the direction of the blades is turned to a safe and reliable place, which can ensure the safe and reliable operation of the electric wind power generation system.

The entire process of charging and discharging the supercapacitor module is always a physical process without chemical reaction, so the safety performance is relatively stable, which is different from the battery through a chemical reaction. 

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