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How to choose the right supercapacitor?

by:GREEN TECH     2021-04-04

In today's world of energy storage products, supercapacitors (Farad-class capacitors) with ultra-high power, ultra-high current, ultra-wide working range, ultra-high safety, ultra-long life and other energy storage characteristics The combined use of energy products has become the mainstream. For users, it is very important to choose a suitable supercapacitor.

1. The characteristics of super capacitors

Let us understand from the aspects of power characteristics, energy storage characteristics, environmental characteristics, and safety characteristics.

Supercapacitors are first of all capacitors, and it is unprecedented for capacitors to achieve Farad level. The word 'super' means that compared with ordinary capacitors, it has a large electric energy storage capacity, while at the same time it also retains super power characteristics. This provides opportunities for certain applications-fast charge and fast release, fast charge and slow-release (long discharge time), and slow charge and fast release.

In addition, super capacitors also have some other unique energy storage advantages:

Environment: The working temperature of the super capacitor is -40℃~70℃, which basically meets most of the environmental requirements;

Safety: Acupuncture, squeezing, vibration, impact, burning, etc. will not explode;

Life: The charging and discharging cycle can reach more than 1 million cycles. Generally, it is not a problem for more than 10 years of application.

2. Which scenarios will be applied to supercapacitors?

If you need a device with high-power characteristics and a certain amount of energy to drive electrical appliances, long-term maintenance-free, use in a wide temperature range, especially where safety requirements are strict at minus 30 or 40 degrees, It's time to choose a suitable supercapacitor.

Instant high power, such as UAV ejection device;

Short-term current supply, such as a police flashlight;

Working conditions that frequently accelerate (downward) and decelerate (upward), such as braking energy recovery devices;

Starting of diesel vehicles in extremely cold weather or battery failure;

Backup power for wind power, solar thermal power, nuclear power, etc.;

Various kinds of long-life, high-reliability, maintenance-free, high-power-density backup power supplies;

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