Three Big Reasons You Should Pair a Home Battery with Solar


As residential solar installations increase across the country, homeowners are realizing that investing in solar alone won’t benefit them in the long run. The reason is that most solar energy is produced between 9 a.m. and 3 p.m. while (pre-COVID-19) you’re probably at work or school. When you return home and start using your electronics and appliances, it’s likely that there isn't enough solar energy available to meet your demand for energy. This leaves you no choice but to rely on grid power — unless you’ve invested in a home battery!

Three Big Reasons You Should Pair a Home Battery with Solar 1

Energy storage systems are helping homeowners like you maximize clean energy investments in solar for three main reasons:


With tropical storms, extreme temperatures, and unprecedented wildfires rising in severity and frequency from coast to coast, the threats of unplanned, extended, and public safety grid outages have made energy security a need, rather than a want.

Grid outages, no matter when they occur, render your home solar investment useless without a backup power source. On their own, your solar panels will not be able to provide power to your home. With the emergence of home battery solutions, noisy, carbon-intensive generators are no longer your only option to keep your solar running by day and your lights and critical appliances on around the clock.


The demand for energy and the cost of producing power change throughout the day in predictable patterns. As a result, many utilities have adjusted their rate schedule to align with these patterns instead of charging a flat or tiered rate for the energy your home consumes. If your utility hasn’t already started charging you different rates for energy consumed in specific windows throughout the day, chances are they will sooner rather than later!


The sun shines when demand for energy is lowest, which means your home can’t take full advantage of the benefits of rooftop solar without a way to store the excess power you generate. Complementing your solar system with a home battery gives you a way to harvest excess clean power you produce by day for use when the sun goes down and when actually you need it.

Pairing solar with energy storage is the smartest way to harness the power of the sun whether or not the sun is shining and have peace of mind with energy independence. More importantly, it can make your home more energy efficient when you can use more of the renewable energy to produce.

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