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What are the characteristics of supercapacitors?

by:GREEN TECH     2021-04-05

As electrical energy was discovered by the German scientist Siemens in the nineteenth century, electrical energy has been widely used in people's lives as a conventional energy source. The discovery and use of electrical energy also marked the entry of mankind into the electrical age, a brand new era. Electricity is widely used, and the main reason is that it has no pollution.

In recent years, we can see electric bicycles and electric cars in our lives. The performance of these electric vehicles is largely determined by their internal electrical system. After searching, it was found that the batteries of these electric vehicles use a super capacitor.

This super capacitor is very different from ordinary batteries. So, let me introduce you to the characteristics of supercapacitors and their prices in the market.

1. High charging efficiency

This is mainly reflected in the charging speed of supercapacitors. According to experimental data, the charging speed of supercapacitors is nearly 10 times faster than that of ordinary batteries. This is of great help to people who need to travel urgently and can save people a lot of time.

2. Long service life

A special experiment expert has done charging experiments on supercapacitors. Due to the short charging time, there will be more charging times in life. Regarding this experiment, experts conducted more than 300,000 charges and discharge experiments on the supercapacitor. The supercapacitor was intact and had no memory effect. That is to say, there is no repulsion or hindrance to the charged current. This feature greatly improves the service life of supercapacitors.

3, environmental protection and no pollution

It is mainly embodied in the process of construction, production, and use of supercapacitors, and the materials in them are non-polluting, which has great advantages for ordinary batteries. As we all know, ordinary batteries have great pollution to the environment, while supercapacitors solve this problem very well and are clean and environmentally friendly power sources.

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