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Super capacitors are the perfect supporting role in the era of fuel vehicles

by:GREEN TECH     2021-03-29

Many countries have successively released the timetable for the ban on the sale of fuel vehicles, announcing that fuel vehicles are about to withdraw from the stage of history. During the transition period of the automobile industry, the market competition among automobile manufacturers of different technology routes such as hybrid power, pure electric, fuel cell, etc. has intensified, and they have seized the opportunity.

It is worth mentioning that the new energy storage device supercapacitor can complement the aforementioned products to achieve a further leap in vehicle speed, energy consumption and life. According to Jixing Technology, the world's leading company, Mazda, which has repeatedly set the Guinness World Records for its output, has already installed supercapacitors.

New energy vehicles equipped with supercapacitors. In fact, Mazda is not the first to set a precedent. Honda's first-generation hybrid models used large-capacity capacitors to form 'supercapacitors' to store enough electrical energy to drive the vehicle forward. Similarly, GM has also challenged impossible tasks, using supercapacitors to capture the power of lightning, and used it to successfully start the car. In the post-fuel vehicle era, many features of supercapacitors have been exploited by car companies.

Because the super capacitor has the advantages of high power density, strong fast charge and discharge capability, long cycle life, maintenance-free, high reliability, etc., its energy is much higher than ordinary electrostatic capacitors, and it has more excellent capacity than secondary batteries. Current discharge characteristics. More than a dozen well-known domestic automobile companies, including Yutong, King Long, Golden Travel, Haige, and CSR, have adopted super capacitor solutions for new energy buses.

In the plug-in hybrid bus, the braking energy recovery system composed of super capacitor modules can absorb and store part of the kinetic energy generated by the vehicle during braking, and release this energy when the bus starts or accelerates, thereby Make vehicles save fuel consumption and reduce emissions.

Super capacitor module-new energy vehicles For pure electric vehicles, the battery pack is used alone as the power source. Due to the short battery life, the limited number of charging and discharging, and the need to provide high power when the vehicle starts, the battery The impact is great. The super capacitor is connected in parallel with the battery pack, which can realize instantaneous high-power start by charging and discharging.

Supercapacitors provide peak voltages for pure electric vehicles and stabilize the voltage operating range, which can greatly extend battery life. It will take time for the technology of fuel cell vehicles to mature. High-power-density supercapacitors can complement high-energy-density lithium batteries or fuel cells to promote the optimization and improvement of vehicle energy storage systems, thereby improving vehicle stability and safety.

As new energy automobile companies are vying for the lead, the Koenigsegg supercar broke the world record for the fastest sports car with an average speed of 447 km/h and a top speed of 458 km/h. This speed reflects the embarrassing speed of new energy vehicles. However, if you want to have the fun of driving a car safely and environmentally, you can still try a car with a super capacitor.

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