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How can LiFePO4 Model 3 Help Car Owners Pass the Winter Due to Charge

How can LiFePO4 Model 3 Help Car Owners Pass the Winter Due to Charge


"How long will your car be fully charged? I want to wait for your parking space to be charged."

A few days ago, a reporter from "Daily Economic News" visited the parking lot on the second floor of a large shopping mall in Beijing and found that many car owners were waiting in line for charging in front of the Tesla supercharger.

car owners waiting in line for charging in front of the Tesla supercharger

“Before formal heating in Beijing, there was no need to queue for charging. As the weather gets colder, more and more Tesla vehicles are waiting to be charged.” Wang Han (pseudonym), the owner of the domestic Tesla Model 3, told a reporter. His car uses a ternary lithium battery. After the weather gets cold, the car's battery life drops very quickly. It was charged once two weeks before, and now it is charged once a week, which reduces the battery life by at least one third.

Compared with Wang Han, the owners of Model 3 with LiFePO4 batteries have suffered even worse things. Some netizens disclosed the news that the battery life of Model 3 with LiFePO4 battery has a cliff-like decline in winter, even if the vehicle is parked outdoors for one night, the battery life is reduced by more than 50 kilometers.

Model 3 with LiFePO4 battery

With the advent of winter, car owners' endurance problems have begun to appear, such as the endurance cliff-like decline, the charging is not full, the vehicle will lose power when standing still, and so on.

It is worth noting that not only Tesla but also many electric vehicle brands equipped with LiFePO4 batteries have encountered the problem of reduced battery life in the winter.

Compared with private car owners, electric taxi drivers are more "heart-stuck". "The company tells us that the vehicle has a cruising range of 300 kilometers. In winter, even if you don't run the heating, you can only run less than 200 kilometers." Beijing electric taxi driver Wang Yi (pseudonym) told the "Daily Economic News" reporter. To save electricity, he doesn't turn on the heating unless passengers get on. He can only keep warm in a coat and holding a boiling cup.

Not only that, but the drastic reduction in battery life also limits the scope of taxi drivers to take orders. "When receiving an order, I have to consider whether there is a charging station near the destination. Large orders are far away and  I am afraid to accept or cannot accept them at all." Wang Yi said.

Regarding the above-mentioned situation, the Tesla salesperson also stated that the problem of power down of LiFePO4 batteries and ternary lithium batteries in the winter is determined by the characteristics of batteries, which is "fear of cold" and cannot be changed.

Therefore, is there a solution to find a "Not afraid of cold" battery?

In order to solve this problem, the Green Tech team has developed a brand new battery technology--graphene supercapacitor battery, which revolutionizes the limitation of battery performance at low temperatures. Green Tech graphene supercapacitor battery performance has the following advantages:

(1) Wide low temperature working temperature range, -30°C to 65°C;

(2) Excellent low-temperature cycle performance, charge, and discharge at 0.5C at -30℃;

(3) High safety performance, passed RoHS/CE/UN38.3 certification;

(4) The size is flexible, and can be customized in size and shape according to customer needs;

(6) Capable of batch production, each battery cell has been 100% strictly tested, and the battery consistency is good;

(7) Ultra-long life, fast charging, short-term power supply

(10) Widely used in cold climates and military equipment.

Our team hopes that in the future "Green Tech graphene supercapacitor battery" can help more electric vehicles cope with cold conditions. In addition to electric vehicles, it can also be used in high-latitude areas, field electronic equipment, and so on.

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