Lamborghini's fastest sports car ever is a hybrid car with super capacitors

Lamborghini's fastest sports car ever is a hybrid car with super capacitors 1

After Porsche, McLaren and Ferrari, Lamborghini also made a hybrid car, which also has a big name - the fastest Lamborghini so far. Its top speed is 350km/h, and the acceleration of 0-100km /h is less than 2.8s. 63 cars will be on sale worldwide to commemorate the founding of Lamborghini in 1963.

This super capacitor driven hybrid is called Sián. Its name matches with its speed. Sián means lightning in Bologna dialect.


For Lamborghini, Sián is a masterpiece of possibility. It is not only a powerful supercar masterpiece in design and engineering, but also proved that Lamborghini is still a famous supercar brand with great potential in coming decades as hybrids become more desirable and more important.

 Lamborghini's fastest sports car ever is a hybrid car with super capacitors 2

Sián is the first step towards electrification of Lamborghini and accelerates the development of the next generation V12 engine. The name Sián, which means "flash or lightning" in the Bologna dialect, is the first electrification of Lamborghini's production of cars, confirming Lamborghini’s strong connection with the business area.


With Sián, Lamborghini shows the bright future of the legendary super car brand. The most special point of Sián is that it uses super capacitors instead of batteries to store power, which is different from the lithium-ion batteries used in most hybrid vehicles


Compared with the standard battery, the main advantage of super capacitor is that its storage capacity can reach 100times of the standard battery, the speed of receiving and transmitting charging is faster, and it can withstand more charging and discharging cycles. In addition, they are lighter and have higher energy density than lithium-ion batteries.


But it's not without disadvantages. In terms of long-term energy storage, the performance of super capacitors is usually not as good as that of batteries.


Maurizio Reggiani, chief technology officer of Lamborghini, said Sián was the first car to use new materials such as super capacitors. Previous car manufacturers have been hesitant to apply super capacitors in certain situations, such as the super capacitor bus, which can use its powerful discharge efficiency to make giant heavy vehicles move quickly. But in the end, Lamborghini first manufactured a sports car with super capacitors.


Lamborghini is essentially a rule breaker, a challenger, always trying to find a better solution. With Sián, we are defining our path to innovation, and we are developing new rules for new technologies, not just existing solutions.


The power of the super capacitor used on Sián is 3 times of battery in same weight, and the weight is 1/3 of the same power battery. It is located in the bulkhead between the cockpit and the engine, ensuring a perfect weight distribution. The power system weight of super capacitor and electric motor is only 34kg, so its weight and power ratio is 1.0kg/hp.


Lamborghini said Sián's hybrid system increased the speed by 10%. When changes gears, the small electric motor can also make the power flow stable, and minimize the bumpiness when changing gears.


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